From Montreal
Guided Meditation

GM Brana

GM Brana is a spiritual teacher and the founder of AnandaOm, an academy
for naturo-therapy and spiritual growth. Born with natural capabilities to
harmonize subtle energies, she uses this gift to assist her students in
their personal evolution to enable them to reach their full potential and
harmony. Brana holds a Master of Science degree in biomedical engineering.
She integrates ancient wisdom, modern science and unconditional love
energy to be used for both healing and self-empowerment. She’s a graduate
of the nutrition program at the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional
Studies from eCornell University, based on whole-food plant based
nutrition for prevention and reversal of chronic conditions. Brana is a
member of the Canadian Naturo-Therapy Association. She published the Love
& Wisdom book with her quotes. More:

Reiki sessions and massages for balancing of emotions and mind, stress and
pain reduction will be provided at the AnandaOm booth, 1 minute for $1.

Chakra Balancing Meditation by GM Brana
Meditation guided by GM Brana will be focused on balancing and activating
of the seven main energy centers called chakras. Brana will transfer
energy to all the attendees for their wellness and spiritual growth. You
will benefit from an amazing experience that will open new possibilities
and renew your life enthusiasm.