From Montreal, CA
Business Coach

Anita Evans

Founder of AKE Coaching where, as the “KICK ASS” Coach, 

She inspires and guides people to master their mindset and emotions to be able to achieve any goal they choose.    

Anita inspires individuals, groups and organizations to take their results to the next level by breaking through the limitations standing in the way of their potential. She is able to have them see see clearly and simply to be able to achieve any objective they desire.

In her twenties she worked for a multinational corporation and consistently hit objectives with over 320% year after year, 4 years running managing a team of over 500 people. 

In her thirties, as a Commercial Broker, her first transaction was part of building an IGA, Jean Coutu and TD Bank totalling 3.9 million dollars. 

In her forties, she understood she had been coaching from a very young age, and took the plunge and made it a successful business replacing her yearly salary in 18 months.

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